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Cities never sleep, a tale for the urban insomniac.

It’s almost 3am on a Tuesday night, well I guess oficially it’s now Wednesday morning, but whatever, this is no hour for semantics. You might be wondering why I am not curled up in my bed counting sheep while breathy … Continue reading

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Autumn fizz.

Having lived in a climate for several years where the only discernible seasons were hot and wet and hot and dry you could forgive for thinking that ‘season’ is something you do to food with salt and pepper. But then … Continue reading

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Cliches: alive and well, and coming soon to a gym near you.

People whinge about cliche’s all the time, but I love a good cliche. I love that we talk about these stereotypes as if they are characters from a cartoon, imagined and living in some fabricated universe inside the television or … Continue reading

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