Autumn fizz.

Having lived in a climate for several years where the only discernible seasons were hot and wet and hot and dry you could forgive for thinking that ‘season’ is something you do to food with salt and pepper. But then I moved to Holland and despite the occasional wardrobe shortcoming (cold hands, feet, ears, and other extremities) in the last three years I have come to enjoy the quarterly makeover that takes place in the world around me. Every couple of months the city takes on a completely new personality and a new world unfolds in your daily stomping ground, still familiar yet different at the same time. My favourite part are the subtle changes that mark the beginning of a new season, like now for example, summer green palette is gradually being taken over by warm yellows deep reds and earthy browns, the wind goes from refreshing to fresh and the daylight hours start to shrink. What I love about autumn is that is seems to fizz, that’s the only way I can describe it. There’s an energy that bubbles up throughout the city as everyone makes the most of the last rays of sunshine and become overly productive in preparation for the winter hibernation that is inevitably just around the corner. There’s an honesty and a romance about autumn that I adore, as the trees are stripped bare with nothing left to hide, the leaves blow around  in flurries as if if all of summer’s secrets have escaped into the city’s streets.

For me autumn is time for warming up cold fingers on hot cups of tea, behind slightly foggy windows. For hearty food, blankets, sniffy noses, wind blown hair and inside out umbrellas. I love the seasonal twists, right now with a bit of autumn fizz.



About karafraser

Fame and celebrity used to be something reserved for a select few, but then the internet, reality tv, web cams, you tube, Facebook, Twitter, smartphones and countless other forms of technology came along enabling Jo Blog and Mary Ordinary to cash on on their 15 MB of fame. Thanks to my extreme form of tech-lexia (the inability to understand and or navigate computers or basically anything with a screen, buttons and power chord) this is my first attempt at creating my own personal blogbuster. I swapped Vegemite for Hagelslag, Bega for Goudse belegen and went in search for the boy who stuck his finger in the Dyke... This is me, going Dutch.
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